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monitoring tax-exempt organizations. particularly 501 c groups. >> take the word of the independent inspector general who said he found no evidence from outside the irs. >> you believe there are none? >> we're going to work with congress as the president said, in legitimate oversight, we're not going to participate in distracting from the real issues at hand. >> when senator portman is asking for documents or e-mails you're not going to comply with that request? >> we'll look at any request that congress puts forward. >> but bottom line, no communications as far as you know from the white house to the irs. >> absolutely not. >> at the hearings on friday, the acting director, outgoing acting director of the irs, mr. miller was asked about the legality of targeting the special scrutiny of the conservative groups. here was the questioning. >> do you believe it is illegal for employees of the irs to create lists to target individual groups and citizens in this country? >> i think that the treasury inspector general indicated it might not be. >> what do you believe? >> i don't believe it is. i don
million. the lottery withholds federal taxes. but in florida, there's no state tashgs, great news for the winner. the rumor mill is on fire. is it one of the town's seniors? or a young woman who works at a store? florida saw says the winner must come forward to claim the money. the ticket that won it all was sold at this florida grocery store. state lottery officials say they're office in tallahassee will be open bright and early tomorrow morning. that's the soonest we could hear about a winner. >> someone or some group not heading back to work tomorrow morning. >>> another train off the tracks tonight. two this weekend. amtrak train derailing near chicago's union station. 197 passengers onboard the train from new orleans. no one was hurt. but this comes just as we get new imsagages from the derailme friday night. the struggle to save the injured unfolds on this video. gio benitez with the news that those tracks will not be up and running for tomorrow morning. >> reporter: the moment of impact, captured by teenagers skateboarding near the accident site. >> all i hear is a big bomb
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2